Moving to a medical weed only state

I lived on the west coast and just loved it. I was near the beach, the shops, restaurants and cool bars. I didn’t even bother owning a car. I could bike to everything. My favorite thing to do on the weekend was ride my bike over to the farmer’s market, pick up some produce and then ride over to the cannabis dispensary near me. I would pick up cannabutter, cannabis cooking oil and neat edibles that the on-site bake shop made. It was wonderful. Work then offered me a ton of money to move east. They were setting up a new branch and needed someone with experience. The pay was just too good. I got money towards a house and a vehicle too. They lured me right in. Well my location just isn’t as good. The weather is much colder. The city isn’t the same. There aren’t very many shops, bars or markets to visit. I don’t want to ride my bike anymore due to the cold and the people walking around. It seems scary. I also realized too late that medical weed is the only thing allowed in my state. I went from a recreational cannabis state that allowed me to get anything I wanted and now I am medical cannabis only. I have thought about getting a medical weed card, but it is a lot of work. I also don’t technically need weed. I know I wouldn’t get prescribed edibles either. At most I could get an oil that I could vape when I want to sleep at night.

how to get a medical marijuana card