I’m happy to see my marijuana doctor whenever I have an appointment

I used to hate going to the doctor when I was much younger.

It started with a scary experience during my early childhood. I went in for a few shots and for whatever reason the doctor on duty that day was really mean and cruel. I was terrified from that point going forward whenever I had to visit a medical building for any reason. It’s hard to break a negative association away from a specific stimulus when you have such a traumatic memory connected to it. Still, I have definitely improved with this as time has gone on. I can visit my general physician and have a decent experience because he’s a nice man who never tries to recommend unnecessary medical procedures that would make me feel uncomfortable. However, suddenly visiting a new specialist I’ve never met before usually gives me lots of anxiety. I’m happy to say that is no longer the case with my medical marijuana doctor now that I’ve been visiting him for the past three years straight. Yet, during the first year I would get nervous before heading to his office for my biannual medical marijuana doctor’s appointments. Now I get excited when I’m headed to my medical marijuana doctor’s office for my biannual appointments. We usually chat about the various cannabis dispensaries in the program in this state and the kind of products available at the moment as new ones are approved by the state’s Department of Health. These medical marijuana doctor’s appointments might be brief, but I still enjoy that little bit of time when I can chat with this particular physician to hear his opinions on matters regarding marijuana in this state.

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