Marijuana edibles aren’t super effective for me any more

Instead, I use medical marijuana and have a medical marijuana card in our home state.

All of us all have to find what works for us, especially with coping mechanisms for depression. Some of it involves discovering the ways in which we become triggered in our environments so we learn ways to avoid or resolve those triggers in the first venue. But it also involves finding healthy ways to bolster our own moods and biweekly mental health. I obtained a bicycle recently that I use to navigate our vast neighborhood whenever I think down or need a mental boost. While I don’t get nearly as much time as I would appreciate for riding our bike or doing other outdoor recreation activities, I regularly cherish the times when I do. It’s a nice thing having a interest that gets your mind off setback thoughts and the stress that accumulates in your life. But I’ll be the first to disclose that some of us need chemical coping mechanisms from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I tried antidepressants because I was really interested in improving our chronic depression and that is the medication our psychiatrist suggested I try first. While these SSRIs inevitably didn’t work out for me after trying and failing to respond to many odd medications, I think of people who improved after they tried 1 or more of the drugs. Instead, I use medical marijuana and have a medical marijuana card in our home state. I have a cannabis physician who writes a recommendation for marijuana that I take to the state Department of Health who then problems me a medical marijuana card that I can use at cannabis dispensaries to purchase medical cannabis products. I appreciate inhalation products love cannabis vaporizer pens, cannabis flower products, and cannabis concentrates. I tried using cannabis edibles, however they stopped being effective for me fairly abruptly.


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