I was blown away over the options

I’ve enjoyed recreational marijuana for my entire adult life.

So that’s well over 30 years now.

I was all the hassle when it came to getting my hands on cannabis product. That was such an ordeal. It’s not love I was buddies with a cannabis grower or anything love that. Had that been the case, life would have been simple because I could have gone straight to the source for my cannabis. But that did not work out love that. I guess knowing a cannabis grow just wasn’t in the mix for me. So I had to hope for the best and be thankful for whatever sort of cannabis I could get. That meant not being able to choose between sativa and indica absolutely often; Plus I never entirely had any particular system of what sort of THC content I was buying. But again, when you do not have access to a cannabis grower, you get what you can get. So when recreational marijuana passed in the state, I was over the moon. The medical marijuana dispensaries that were around open their doors to all of us now. I was so thankful to absolutely be able to shop for marijuana for sale. But cannabis dispensary near me was quite a ways away and the selection was not all that great. However that is all weird now as the local cannabis spot has recently opened here. It’s not however a short walk from my new home and they have a ridiculous amount of cannabis products. I have to say that I am sure thankful that recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are legal in my state. It sure makes it easier not to have to hide any longer.

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