Cannabis soda to stop panic attacks

Anxiety attacks and panic attacks aren’t the same thing! I Found that out with my research! Anxiety attacks are not as strong, but happen often and linger longer.

It is a general feeling of dread and fear.

A panic attack comes quickly, strongly and doesn’t last really long. It really feels like you are going to have a heart attack and die. I realized that I have panic attacks at work. I only get them when my workload is sizable and I worry about making due dates. It is a stupid thing to stress over. I don’t want to complain to my boss either since I want a promotion and more money. I needed a way to keep the panic attacks away. I found that medical weed was a good solution. I didn’t need anything too drastic or potent. I didn’t need to smoke it either. I found that cannabis beverages toil good for me. My cannabis dispensary has all sorts of neat edibles, then the best is the THC infused cannabis drinks though. They look like normal pop but they can get you high. That bit of THC and CBD in my plan works wonders. I know calm, relaxed and up in flight after a drink. The first thing I do is drink one when I walk into work. Then I have another one around breakfast. There are all sorts of flavors like lemon, grape, cherry and kiwi that I cycle through. It is discreet, yummy and gets the job done. I know this is the healthiest and best solution for my panic attack troubles.


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