My dogs are more mobile and physically active now that they eat CBD edibles

This is the first time I have ever dealt with elderly dogs and pet CBD products.

Both of my family dogs growing up passed away before reaching the age of 5 by getting into the road being hit by cars.

It was extremely tragic and it prevented me from watching them grow old like I have with my current dogs. We lost them while they were both really young and it was unexpected for us all. For a while I only had fish tanks because I struggled with the grief from losing the family dogs when I was younger. Pets can take a lot of work and will drain someone of any energy reserves they have if there’s ever serious problem with the pet’s health. Still, I wanted dogs again and definitely considered the possibility while I was in college. Back then I had nowhere to keep a dog, so it was out of the question completely for me to keep one. When I finally landed a job out of school and started renting a house, I went to an animal shelter and immediately adopted a young gold retriever. I named him Rosco and I have had him for eight years in total. Shortly after adopting Rosco, I adopted another dog, this time a beagle. His name is Shorty and he used to be full of energy. While they hopefully have a few more years on themselves, it took giving them CBD edibles to improve their health problems and overall demeanor. After consuming pet CBD products for the third straight week, I could tell that my dogs were starting to come back to life physically and were more active around the house than they had been in over five or six years.

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