Changing what I believe about cannabis

I reside in a small southern college town, where about half the population is made up by the student body.

These students come from all over the country, and many of them have never been so far into the deep south before.

This means that every year when hurricane season starts there are thousands of students who have zero idea how dangerous it can be. I live outside of town, and the next door neighbors are a gang of college teenagers. During the last hurricane I went over to check them out after the power went out, and found them smoking cannabis and playing some Beer Pong. Here I was being sad and stressed, and these teenagers were having a very fun time with marijuana, vodka, and beer. I made a option to relax and not worry about the storm. Toking a few hits of high-caliber cannabis helped to ease myself and others into a more chill mindstate! Eating a couple of 10mg cannabis edibles reinforced my choice, and had myself and others laying on the couch for four straight hours. All of us had a wonderful time that night, and it forever changed the way I deal with a hurricane. I still get lots of canned food and bottled water, and gas for my generator, however I also make sure to stock up on cannabis and cannabis edibles, too! As dangerous as a storm can be, the stress and worry can be just as dangerous, and cannabis absolutely helped to take the edge off. I have a vacuum-sealed jar in the pantry with an emergency stock of medical cannabis in preparation for the next large storm.