Just setting foot inside the local cannabis spot makes me happier

It’s been a few years now but it’s still not fully locked into my senses that I can just walk in and actually shop for marijuana for sale. I can still hardly believe it. My entire adult life has been spent hiding the fact that I enjoy recreational marijuana. Add to that fact that I don’t have to scrounge around for cannabis products makes it even better. Back in the day, I just didn’t know what any of the THC content was for the cannabis I was buying. Along with the unknown THC content, there really wasn’t much choice when it came to buying marijuana. I might ask for sativa strain but I was going to take whatever I can get. For sure, I owe a lot to plenty of good friends who helped me find sativa products along the way. I’m awfully grateful that I was able to never really have to do without sativa or indica for all these years. Yet, I’m just so thrilled to simply walk a few blocks to my local cannabis spot. And just walking in this place makes me just feel better. This place opened pretty quickly once marijuana legislation went through. There were a couple of other cannabis dispensaries in town who only sold medical marijuana. Once the law changed to allow recreational marijuana use, the shopping for marijuana began. It wasn’t too much longer until our local cannabis spot opened up. I don’t have to travel far to find what I need and the vibration in my local cannabis spot is out of sight. I’m awfully thankful for that.


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