I can’t afford to renew my medical marijuana card again until I get paid

Many of us faced spend money cuts this year amid the highest inflation numbers in nearly 40 years.

You expect to see your income increase with a rise in cost of residing, however that doesn’t constantly happen.

Until the spend money cuts, I was still waiting two years for another raise. The company is bootstrapped right now as well as has no additional funds for wages or anything else. In fact, I’m lucky that I haven’t lost my task altogether as multiple others have in my same department as well. I have to deal with the changes as well as keep my head up so I don’t lose my mind completely. It’s not straight-forward trying to make ends meet when my paycheck isn’t big enough to cover all of my expenses. Whether I can sustain all of the debit card debt that I’m forced to take on to survive is yet to be seen. But needless to say, I’m acutely aware of how drastic my situation is as well as I’m far from complacent. I don’t want to find myself in a financial quandary that forces me to postpone renewing my medical marijuana card. I was short this month on the $77 required to renew my medical marijuana card with the state government. As a result of not having the funds, I have to wait a month until I’m paid again as well as go separate from my medical cannabis card in the process. Thankfully I have enough marijuana to last me until then, however I’d absolutely be hurting right now if I was low on currency as well as weed at the same time. I’d have to go separate from cannabis in the time being, as well as that’s strenuous for me with my mental health complications.


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