Anxiety reduces using cannabis flower products

It literally felt like a switch was simply flipped on as soon as I began treating with cannabis flower products.

  • And after a lifetime of anxiety and the resulting depression, the feeling was beyond joyous and liberating.

These days, I’m actually waking up and looking forward to what life may bring on any given day. That’s a far cry from being isolated and alone in order to just keep living. I had never used recreational marijuana because, for the most part, that’s a social thing. And due to my anxiety, I just was the very opposite of social. Just working at a job took everything out of me. It was like fear was just ruling my life but I just didn’t know quite what to do about it. Thankfully, I have a friend who just never gave up on me and my chance to be free of fear and just be happy. She literally dragged me to a couple of cannabis events at the local cannabis store. That was the beginning of my cannabis education which resulted in me learning how to get a medical marijuana card. Once I had access to the legal weed shop, it only got better from there. Of course, the staff there was so expert and able to get me to the right cannabis products for my anxiety. But it was more than just the expertise that helped. They have all been so supportive and caring as I began my treatment. It’s been just six months and I now feel like I actually have a viable life right in front of me.

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