The problems with the AC made me very stressed out

Most of the time when I go to work, I expect to have a fun and exciting day.

  • I work in a retail store that sells old toys, sports cards, and hobby items.

The store isn’t usually very busy at all, but once in a while things get crazy when we have a sale or a special item on display. A couple of months ago, we had several vintage toys in the window and they attracted a lot of attention. Hobby enthusiasts wanted to come into the store just to look at the vintage toys in the window. The second day the vintage toys were in the window, there were problems with the AC in the store. The AC kept shutting off when the temperature got too warm. I called my boss so he could come down to the shop, but he did not answer the phone. I was stressed out, because I was worried that the heat and humidity was going to cause problems for the toys that we were keeping on display. The problems made me feel so stressed out, that I went out to my car and got high at lunch time. I had some recreational marijuana in my car. I rolled up a small joint and I smoked the marijuana joint while I was on my lunch break. I felt much more relaxed when I came back from lunch and my boss showed up about 30 minutes later to work on the problems with the air conditioner. My boss never said anything about the smell of marijuana behind the store.


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