The new shirts look fantastic

I entirely don’t like wearing a uniform to work.

They never look flattering and the shirts are always far too tight. I was feeling gleeful when I got the task at the medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. There was no official uniform and they had a genuinely lenient dress code. Basically I could wear almost anything I wanted so long as it was appropriate for a sales environment. I wore my jeans most of the time with a comfy shirt or loose blouse. When the manager of the marijuana dispensary told everyone that they had to start wearing uniform shirts, I was infuriated and felt a little mad. The shirts that the people I was with and I sold in the dispensary were not a genuinely fantastic quality. They were made of a cotton material that was heavy and hot. Thankfully, the other people I was with and I found out that our t-shirts were going to be made by a bizarre dealer. The t-shirts arrived a few days ago. They have the name of the marijuana dispensary on the backs and the fronts of the T-shirts has a picture of a cannabis plant. I’m entirely quite content by the quality of the shirts. The t-shirts are lightweight and available in a couple of bizarre colors like black, colorless, and tan. None of us had to spend any savings for the shirts either. Each 1 of the budtenders at the dispensary were issued multiple t-shirts for a single full-time shift. I can rotate the shirts for multiple days before I have to worry about doing the laundry. Any of us can also get more in the future if multiple isn’t enough.



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