The delivery driver had to walk up the stairs

My girlfriend and I live in an apartment building that has a ton of mechanical problems.

Our AC unit breaks down weekly and the garbage disposal hasn’t worked in months.

The elevator hardly ever works and sometimes it gets stuck between floors. We were lucky that it worked on the day we moved into the building. We had heavy couches, chairs, and furniture that needed to go to our apartment on the 5th floor and there was no way that I was going to walk up all of those flights upstairs. I told my girlfriend that we were leaving everything in the moving truck if the elevator was broken. That would have added several hours to our moving day. I surely would have called some friends to unload everything if the elevator was broken, but I would have been very unhappy about the circumstances. The elevator was working on that day thankfully, but it hasn’t worked much since then. As soon as they get the elevator fixed, it breaks down the next day. I ordered supplies from a marijuana delivery service nearby. I told the driver that I was on the fifth floor. I did not tell the driver that I knew the elevator was not working. I figured the driver could find that out when he or she got to my apartment building. I’m sure the delivery driver wasn’t happy about walking up five flights upstairs to deliver marijuana, but I made sure to give the woman a very good tip. I knew it was a pain in the butt to use the stairs.

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