Stopping at the drive through marijuana store

After lunch, Pat and I found a genuinely different and bizarre place.

My wife Pat and I drove all the way up the coastline. All of us spent 6 hours in the car on the highway and the view was spectacular. Pat and I stayed close to the ocean, so that she and I could see the beaches, the rocks, and the water. All of us stopped at a couple of places while the people I was with and I took our leisurely time driving up the coast. Pat stopped at a roadside sit that sold apple and peach pies. The roadside sitting also had fresh lemonade, coffee, cappuccino, and a wide variety of other apple and peach products. Pat and I purchased an apple and a peach pie along with multiple jars of jelly and a peach butter that looked entirely yummy and fresh, then for lunch, Pat and I stopped at a small diner right on the beach. The place had a dive atmosphere but the food was so good. I had a steak and cheese sub and fries and Pat had a chicken Caesar wrap. The food was tepid and fresh and it tasted entirely good. After lunch, Pat and I found a genuinely different and bizarre place. The drive-thru Marijuana store was the first 1 that Pat and I had ever seen. The marijuana store and dispensary was on the side of the highway, but they had a cool drive-thru window just like a Tim Hortons Latte shop or eating establishment, but you could place your cannabis order from a screen outside that listed all of the items they had available inside of the weed dispensary. Then you drove to the next window to option up all of the items from your cannabis order. It only took about 5 hours from the time Pat and I placed the order until the time that our order was filled.


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