I was stocking the shelves after the sale

I had to work in the marijuana dispensary last Wednesday when Ed and I had a large sale on almost everything in the store, and all products were 25% off and that was delivery, option up, and online orders.

A lot of folks were stoked about the sale.

All of us featured for multiple weeks before the afternoon of the actual sale. I was so tied up at work from 10:00 a.m. until after 6:00 p.m. and Ed and I were tied up during the entire time. I took a break for lunch, but that was the only time I got to rest all afternoon. All of us had some representatives from other cannabis companies in the store. The sales were truly fantastic and that attracted clients from everywhere. All of us had 50 new people come to the marijuana shop that have never been there in the past. That is a lot of the new clients in 1 afternoon. All of us sold out of multiple of the products that were filling the shelves that afternoon. I assumed that they would stock the shelves at the marijuana dispensary that night! Sadly, I had to stock all of the shelves the next morning when I got to work. I did not even bother to complain, because I knew it wasn’t going to do any good. The manager Ed worked the previous night on the closing shift! Obviously she did not care if the other workers and I were going to be stuck stalking the shelves the next afternoon or not. I spent almost 2 full hours just filling the marijuana concentrates in the refrigerator. Almost everything from the bottom to the top of the shelves was gone. All of us haven’t had sales like that since the last 4/20 mega event.

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