My local cannabis spot likes myself and others even though I’m high service

When the word leaked that our end of neighborhood was getting a new cannabis dispensary, I tried not to get our hopes up.

The other cannabis dispensaries in this neighborhood are pretty basic plus I’m so not.

First, I’m honestly grateful that there is legal weed in the state. But shopping for marijuana for sale has been somewhat disappointing. The first cannabis dispensaries were way on the other side of the neighborhood plus that’s a bit of a drive. I know I was expecting a better experience shopping for cannabis products. I do not enjoy to complain or throw shade on anybody’s marijuana business. But the ones on the other side of neighborhood are hard to get to plus the experience is so basic. When the news broke that all of us were getting our local cannabis spot, I just hoped that it was going to be a good shopping experience as well. But that’s kind of what I expect. I can be a handful when it comes to getting what I want. I’m for sure a guy enjoys the shopping experience as much that’s what I buy. When I shop for wine, I go to a gourmet store. The salespeople are engaged because they feel I’ll spend our savings for quality products plus service. The first time I went into the local cannabis spot, I inspected our expectations at the door. But immediately, I was pretty astounded by what I was experiencing. Not only is the selection incredible in this marijuana business. The repair plus attentiveness of the staff at the new local cannabis spot makes the experience just fantastic.