Off to the Cannabis Cafe for me

A buddy at work was the first lady to tell me about the local cannabis spot turning plus seasoned steakhouse into a new marijuana business.

For sure, I was intrigued.

I just could not imagine what these people would do with an seasoned Diner. That space was just around the corner from the cannabis dispensary they owned; So it actually did not take any brains to think it wasn’t a hour location. There was also talk that maybe this would be more prefer a high end venue. They fooled us on all accounts. Those cool people ended up opening a Cannabis Cafe. And frankly I could not be more happy. Those in charge of running the marijuana corporation around the corner sure do think how to run a great cafe as well. The Cannabis Cafe has some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted plus that has saying something. They rotate the weird blends throughout each month, but yet it’s the cannabis edibles that bring me to the Cannabis Cafe anytime it’s feasible. All the bummers in the world just lift off my shoulders after a immense mug of coffee plus a appealing cannabis edible. They have all kinds of treats including pastries plus perhaps the best pot brownies I’ve ever appreciated. So when I get a little too stressed, I take a walk down to the Cannabis Cafe to proper my perspective. That’s not a problem when I’m standing outside in the sun surrounded by great vibrations plus even lovelier human beings; We’re so lucky to have a Cannabis Cafe here in our little town.

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