My wife and I love going to different cannabis stores

My wife Candy and I love going to different cannabis stores whenever we are out of town together. We like to try to spend a weekend together out of town at least once a month just so that we can try to keep the magic alive in our relationship, so to speak. A few months ago, we went to this new cannabis store that we had never been to before. This particular place has all kinds of things on their cannabis products menu. We were super excited to see the different cannabis products on the menu because we are all about trying new things whenever we are out by ourselves. Of course, we would never do stuff like that at home whenever we have our ids around. However, whenever we are in a hotel for the night by ourselves, anything goes! So when we went to the cannabis store with this huge menu, I was excited to see all of the vape products, cannabis tropicals, cannabis drinks, cannabis gummies, and cannabis candy products that they had available. I thought that the way that they had the dispensary set up was really cool, too. Everything was in a locked glass case and you had to place your order on a small laptop with a cannabis dispensary employee. Then the people in the back filled the order and you left with a big bag full of your stuff. I thought that the cannabis gummies were fantastic, especially the blackberry flavored ones. This place was so nice that I think that we will go back there again!

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