Great time to be getting into the marijuana business

For sure, I don’t make investing and finance a full time thing.

However, I’ve been investing on my own for a lot of years.

Due to the changes when it comes to marijuana legalization over the breadth of our country, I couldn’t help the pay attention. More than anything I’m thrilled that people are getting access to medical marijuana in order to ease suffering. And it’s not a bad thing that I can actually go shop for marijuana for sale without fear of getting arrested. For sure that’s a welcome experience. When it came to shopping for marijuana all those years ago, it wasn’t really shopping. You simply took what you got in those cases. As long as it wasn’t oregano, I wasn’t asking too many questions about the cannabis products I got from people I didn’t really know. But now, if I just want a cannabis edible I can roll into the local cannabis pot and purchase one. It’s hard to believe it’s just that easy these days. But it’s clear after the last set of elections, there is a big change getting ready to happen when it comes to legal recreational marijuana. The east coast of this country is the most populated segment and it’s at a tipping point when it comes to cannabis legislation. This has caused me to reposition my financial portfolio to include the marijuana business. To do otherwise would be foolish and not paying attention. This is actually a bit of a ground floor investment opportunity when it comes to the marijuana business. Because when the east coast of our country fully allows legal marijuana, there’s going to be great demand and I’d like to get in on that now.

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