Better off while taking cannabis products

I wish I had discovered the wonderful benefits of cannabis when it came to anxiety and depression.

I never would have had to waste so much of my time and money with all those medications and pills.

But what has been odd is that I honestly did not guess about the benefits of cannabis products. When I was back in school I used recreational marijuana with a few friends often. But for me school was always overwhelming as I just did not fit in with the right kind of crowd; Still, I enjoyed cannabis any time I used it. But looking back on it now I was the only time where I had stress handled. 15 years later, after I started treating with sativa and indica, I realize that I had the answer 15 years ago. I did not believe it was the weed all along. But I believe it’s better late than never for sure so I can’t complain about it. Still it would have been nice to have been able to use cannabis products. However, at that time cannabis products were not legal in my state anyway so I believe it’s a moot point. Once cannabis products were legalized in my state, I got with my therapist. The 2 of us discussed the benefits of using medical marijuana for my depression and anxiety. Since I started taking cannabis products, the benefits came suddenly. I believe more straight-forward and relaxed in social situations and find that I’m not nearly as sad as I once was. For sure, I’m a much better person when taking cannabis products from the cannabis dispensary.



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