At least I can get cannabis right next door

I admit to being surprised that our neighboring state ushered in legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana before this one did. This state has campaigned for years to have access to legal cannabis products here, and it took forever to get on the ballot. It failed by a thin margin yet again this last election cycle, and right next door our sister state has both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana for sale. And it passed on the first try. That’s just stunning to me and something both of us have to do in the following election cycle. And since both of us can’t get our cannabis products here, both of us simply have to drive next door. That’s a concept that I am still genuinely lucky to be able to make the most of. Just knowing what I am buying and from what cannabis grower is a vital thing. Also I adore to guess what sort of THC content I am getting as well. The whole process is just going to be such a fantastic experience. To talk with knowledgeable people about sativa strains or unique and up-to-date hybrid strains is amazing. I believe my fiance and I will simply make a fantastic weekend getaway out of it. Maybe get a hotel near the local cannabis spot and have a fantastic dinner after going shopping for cannabis products. Regardless of how it all turns out, I’m still a little bit upset that I have to go to the neighboring state in order to get recreational marijuana. I’m certainly going to propose loudly for the right to buy cannabis and cannabis products legally in our home state.


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