Our current neighbor smokes cannabis too

My partner plus I have been undoubtedly unique about our friends while in this time of covid; The two of us haven’t gotten sick at all, plus we are doing our best to keep things that way.

The two of us got our hour booster months ago plus this month we decided to go to get a second booster shot, but because we are well vaccinated against the virus, we can spend time with other people in the neighborhood, then my partner plus I met someone recently plus we decided to hang out with her last Sunday night.

The two of us went to her place plus sat outside at the picnic table. The two of us were cheerful to find out that our current neighbor smokes cannabis, because our partner plus I frequently use marijuana. The two of us use marijuana for recreational plus medical reasons. Marijuana is definitely helpful to me, because I have drastic arthritis. The arthritis symptoms are bad at times, but Medical plus recreational marijuana products help. My partner plus I took out a package of small pre-rolled marijuana joints. The half gram marijuana joints are perfect for sharing plus then we do not have to pass around a joint. The two of us haven’t shared a joint with anyone since the covid pandemic plus we have been able to remain relatively safe while in the whole time, and i look forward to a time in the future when things will go back to normal. I hope that the covid virus will eventually period out plus be more like the flu than a killer pandemic. I undoubtedly want our numerous youngest kids to be able to savor a respected childhood like the other three.

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