I love working for a cannabis delivery service

My girlfriend and I are expecting a new baby; in addition, I have been trying to do tasks and as much overtime as possible at the marijuana delivery service near me! I got the task at the marijuana delivery service near myself and others a few weeks ago after I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant.

  • I was genuinely working at a pizza shop, but the task at the marijuana delivery service fell into my lap! My mom knew the supervisor of the store.

In addition, I didn’t even have to fill out an application to get the task. The hours are wonderful in addition to the fact that I can work everyday if I want. The marijuana delivery service is certainly busy. They have severely low prices in addition to a wonderful selection of marijuana products. I usually earn unquestionably wonderful tips, but even on a Monday or Tuesday night, I still earn about $100. Occasionally on the weekends it is even more. One of my proper purchasers knows that my girlfriend is going to have a baby soon. The guy has been giving myself and others an immense tip every time I deliver to his house. I told the guy that it is too much money, however he said that he knows how extravagant it can be to raise a child and then he cannot see that I am trying to do a difficult task in addition to doing the right thing. I have enough money saved right now so my girlfriend in addition to I can buy a crib, swing, in addition to a pack in addition to play. My mom is going to help us out with some of the other things that the baby needs in addition to my girlfriend who is going to stay at home after the baby is born so the two of us don’t have to spend money for morning care.

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