I got a text from my ex, but it wasn't meant for me

Then she asked me not to text her again.

Friday night I was hanging out at my apartment. I was watching a game on TV when I got an unusual and cryptic text message from my ex. The message said pick up some recreational marijuana on your way home from work. I thought it was a strange text for several reasons. First, my girlfriend and I have been broken up for weeks. It was strange to get a text from her at all. Second, my ex-girlfriend never used recreational marijuana when we were together. That was one of the biggest sources of arguments between the two of us. She did not like the fact that I regularly use recreational marijuana. She called me a pothead and she told me that our house smelled like a weed factory. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to text my girlfriend back. I told her that I would be happy to pick up some marijuana supplies and head to her house. She must have realized that she texted the wrong person, because the next message was very abrupt. She told me that the previous message was not meant for me. Then she asked me not to text her again. She was the first person to text me and I was just trying to find out why. When my ex told me not to call her, I got really angry and frustrated and I started yelling at her. It was a good reminder of the reasons why the two of us are no longer together. We never could talk without yelling at each other.

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