A person tried to smoke cannabis during Bingo

My mother came to visit me for a little while and I decided to take her to the Bingo hall.

My mother loves playing Bingo and other games such as cards and dice. I genuinely knew she would have a lot of fun at the bingo hall. I have been there a couple of times myself… Once I came back to the household with $200 that I won in a sizable pot. I told my mother about the bingo hall and she was absolutely thrilled to go. I told my mother that there was a smoking and a non-smoking section and my mother was even happier. There is no smoking at all allowed in the bingo parlors where my mother lives. The two of us sat down in the smoking section. I sat down at a table which was near the door. I do not smoke and the smell was going to be a significant bother to my sinuses and dust sensitivities. My mother and I played a couple of games and it was strenuous to keep up with the numbers. The lady that was calling the numbers seemed to go absolutely fast. Thankfully, the lady that was calling numbers after our break was a little bit slower. My mother had an easier time keeping up after the break… A lady at the other end of the table tried to light a marijuana joint. I smelled the marijuana in a hurry. My head must have turned around hastily. The girl at the other end of the table hastily got up and told the lady that she was not allowed to smoke marijuana in the parlor. Even though it was a legal recreational marijuana state, there was no marijuana allowed inside of that building.

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