Wasn’t that bad getting medical weed

I know a lot of people are against doing it again

My state only offers medical cannabis. I toyed back and forth with the idea of getting the medical weed card. When I started having trouble with my anxiety, I knew I needed to be proactive. Getting the medical cannabis card wasn’t all that bad. I was expecting it to be a much longer, more drawn out process. Instead I found a doctor that prescribed medical weed. I waited in the waiting room for about an hour to talk to him for five minutes. That stunk but was super easy. I got a medical cannabis prescription, filled out some papers online and paid a fee. Within two weeks my medical cannabis card came in the mail. I have a specific amount of cannabis flower and oil I am allowed, but it is perfect just for me. Now I smoke the flower form every morning and take a few hits of oil before bed. It works well. I am relaxed, mellow and I sleep great. I no longer get that tight in the chest feeling anymore. I don’t break out in a sweat and worry about nothing. What is wonderful is that I noticed that my blood pressure is lower, I sleep better and I have a better mood. So when a year comes up, I will need to redo the whole medical weed process. I know a lot of people are against doing it again. For me it is worth a few hours and bucks in order to have a better day to day life. I’d much rather smoke weed than take pills.


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