I vape because it is easier

I used to be a big fan of cannabis flower products.

I liked how it looked, smelled and the process of either rolling a joint or packing a bond.

After a while the process got tedious. I always needed a lighter, grinder, ashtray and a ton of other stuff. I was never very careful. I lost half of my flower just being a bit haphazard. When I wanted to smoke cannabis, I want to do it now. I don’t want to do a big long prep job anymore. I went to the cannabis dispensary near me for some advice. I didn’t want to change into taking an edible for my CBD content. That just seemed lame to me. When the budtender recommended cannabis oil I thought he meant I would put it in tea or another beverage. There are cannabis oils that you can smoke. You actually have the oil in a vape cartridge, load it into the vape, press a button that heats the oil and you are done. It is actually healthier for you to vape over smoking a flower. The bad stuff in smoking is actually burned away when it is oil based. Pretty cool right? I just enjoy that I only carry a vape with me now. I can wear it around my neck or stuff it in my pocket. I then press a button and I am good to go. There is no loss of product or time wasted preparing to smoke. When I want cannabis, I get it right away now.


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