After the disaster, the cannabis dispensary was destroyed

When disaster strikes, you can count on the American people to rally together and fight back.

It fills me with pride to see the large turnout of people who wanted to help my community build back after the last hurricane.

I’m sure you saw it on the news, but this storm brought a massive amount of flooding with it. Dozens of people in my town lost their homes, and I don’t mean the houses were damaged, I mean they were swept out to sea in the storm surge! I joined one of many search and rescue teams that combed the area looking for ways to help. My crew stumbled across the shattered remains of the local medical cannabis shop. The building itself had been uprooted from the foundation, and it was in a crumpled heap a half mile from where it had been. Can you imagine a flood so powerful it literally picked up the medical cannabis store and carried it down the street? I eagerly searched through the wreckage of the medical cannabis store to see if there was anything left. I found hundreds of packages of medical cannabis that were wet and muddy, but otherwise intact. In the smashed-open stockroom there were several thousand dollars worth of cannabis gummies and edibles, although most of them had been badly damaged. I admit to being tempted to take some of that medical cannabis for myself, because no one would have noticed. But I couldn’t do that, it would be like stealing from the owner of the medical cannabis shop, who had already lost so much.
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