Cannabis oil for sleeping complications

I have consistently struggled with sleep at evening.

I am a honestly light sleeper and restless. I tend to toss and turn. I get sick of just standing in bed and not getting anything done. I will frequently toil out at 3 am or turn on my computer to work. That makes it worse. I tried all sorts of cures. I meditated, worked out, ate kiwi, obtained better sheets, a gel pillow and a sound machine. I still slept badly. It took forever to fall asleep and I wouldn’t consistently stay asleep. I did some googling and found I can go a single of more than one ways. I can either go to a nurse and get sleeping pills or go to a cannabis dispensary to try weed. I decided to go the marijuana route. It seemed much more natural and better for my body than taking a pill. I mean cannabis is a plant after all. The dispensary was a superb experience. The budtender took myself and others through the store and chatted about all the products; Both of us decided that the best product for myself and others was cannabis oil, then at evening I put a few drops of cannabis oil in my tea. It has the right blend of CBD and THC. Apparently too much THC and you are high and unable to sleep. Not enough of it and it doesn’t toil at all. Both of us got the right blend on the first try. I sleep prefer a log at evening too. It is so easy to take and my cannabis dispensary is right there when I need more.
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