Buying cannabis while on holiday in the RV

I adore the wonderful outdoors, plus I adore to experience nature, however I have some difficult limits.

I don’t adore sleeping on the ground, I don’t want to get bitten by insects, plus I need to have some form of

I admit that I am a little prissy at times, however it’s just who I am. This means I take a lot of day trips, however never stay outdoors overnight. Things are about to change, though, because my boyfriend just got an RV, so that both of us can go camping without experiencing all the hardships of sleeping outdoors. My boyfriend Ed paid for the RV with profits from his medical cannabis business. In fact, as part of our latest holiday both of us drove through a remote community so that Ed could buy a few pounds worth of medical cannabis from a local farmer. Just because Ed has a job in selling weed doesn’t mean he owns a honorablemedical cannabis dispensary. One day that is his goal, however both of us found out it requires over a million dollars in start-up capital to get a medical cannabis dispensary off the ground! Ed is going to have to sell a lot more medical cannabis if he wants to save that kind of money! In the meantime he will just keep doing what he has done for 10 years, selling medical cannabis locally plus using the money to support myself and others plus his parents. Now that both of us can turn the corporation trips to buy medical cannabis into holiday getaways, our lives are about to get a lot better.

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