Choose safe and non-addictive medical marijuana

This Halloween season, the scariest thing to watch on TV are the adverts for prescription medicine.

Whoever decided to let the drug companies push their poison on TV is an enemy of the people, I can tell you that.

Watching these commercials fills me with dread, because of the side effects they list… Here is a drug to help you quit smoking… however it might make you depressed and suicidal… Over here is a drug to help you not pee yourself… however it might make you vomit and pass out, and the scariest section is how these drugs are legal even though they are blatantly dangerous and highly addictive. The only drug I use is safe, non-addictive medical cannabis, a product that cannot be flaunted on TV for some reason, then big Pharma is allowed to sell you poison, however it’s against the law to promote medical cannabis even though it is perfectly legal in numerous states, however medical cannabis has a wide variety of applications, and comes in numerous uncommon forms. The most commonly known way to consume medical cannabis is to smoke it, however current afternoon dispensaries have dozens of smokeless options, as well, then for aches and pains in your joints and muscles, medical cannabis comes in topical creams and applications… You can take medical cannabis in edible form, or even swallow slow-release pills to mediocre the THC in your bloodstream, no matter what your concern might be, there is a form of medical cannabis to help you, but unlike the pills you see on TV, medical cannabis will never supply you dangerous side effects.

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