Trying edibles for my anxiety

I have noticed that my anxiety has gotten worse and worse.

It used to be something I could manage with deep breathing and a calm mind. I would meditate, go for walks and listen to tunes and just read a bit. That was passable. As I have gotten older, the concern has worsened. I also have taken on a lot more stress. I have a task that requires a lot more hours and effort than I used to put in before. I also have more than one kids that require school supperes made, trips to soccer practice and supper on the table. It is a lot for me. I started having mild anxiety attacks in the day before work. That is when I knew I needed to treat my anxiety sooner rather than later. I am not a fan of popping a pill when things go wrong. I wanted something more natural. I found online that medical cannabis is working wonders for a lot of people, however medical grade cannabis can also be superb for anxiety relief. A little CBD and THC can apparently go the long way. I am a mother of more than one. I don’t want to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil. I wanted something that was discreet and separate from a lot of tools. That is how I found the world of edibles. There are all sorts of cannabis items prefer beverages, candies and baked goods. I settled on mints that have the right blend CBD and THC for me. I take a couple in the day and right at supper during my workday.
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