Say no to drugs, say yup to cannabis!

There is a crucial misconception which needs to be cleared up; A long time ago someone decided that cannabis was a drug.

It was outlawed plus demonized, plus for decades people considered the marijuana plant to be evil plus immoral.

Thankfully the push for legalization has been certainly successful, plus a lot of laws are being changed every year. This is all wonderful news, plus I am ecstatic about it – however it’s not enough. Medical cannabis is not a drug, plus was never a drug. Cocaine, heroin, opioids, these are dangerous plus addictive drugs, however medical cannabis does not belong in the same category. It’s adore saying french fries are the same as vodka because they all come from potatoes. Many years ago there was a ban on TV ads for tobacco products, plus this rule has obviously carried over to medical cannabis. Medical cannabis dispensaries can advertise on the internet, plus in print media, however are banned from running TV plus stereo ads. Meanwhile it is acceptable to advertise dangerous pills that can lead to depression plus suicidal thoughts. Medical cannabis is the cure for depression plus suicidal thoughts, plus yet they can’t advertise even though the cause of the problem can! It boggles the mind the way medical cannabis has been portrayed as a dangerous addictive drug when it is actually just a naturally occurring plant with multiple medicinal qualities. I do not engage in any difficult drug use, nor do I consume liquor or smoke tobacco – all of these things are addictive. It is only medical cannabis that helps me.

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