Getting a lot more from rehab with cannabis products

When I nearly got destroyed in a motor bike accident, it put myself and others in the hospital for just over a week.

There were a handful of painful surgeries plus other stuff that required myself and others to be in the hospital.

Towards the end, the physical therapy and rehab process started. This was truly torture as my body wanted no part in moving the way I was being asked to. But with help from cannabis products that I can now buy legally from the cannabis dispensary, I’m getting even more out of that physical therapy. It’s a wonderful thing for sure because had I stayed with the prescription pain pills I was leaning on to get through PT, I’d be addicted by now. I talked to my doc plus my physical therapist who both have seen great results for people using both indica plus sativa products. I had smoked some recreational marijuana back in the afternoons, although I gave it up because of the smoking. I tried a few of my friends’ attempts at making pot brownies but it just wasn’t in the cards I guess. Well thankfully, I can now just go into the local cannabis spot plus get the cannabis edibles that help myself and others so much. There isn’t any need to smoke cannabis products these afternoons. That makes it possible for myself and others to receive the benefits of the indica strains that help my body so much. I have a much better range of motion plus the stiffness is so much less. But it’s also the sativa strains for sale that have made such a large difference in keeping myself and others hopeful plus motivated to healing myself.
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