Is there a difference between website solutions and website design?

When I called the online web development company, I had a few important questions to ask.

The first question was what the difference was between website solutions and website design.

The person I talked to at the website development company told me the website solutions are what it is called when you call in and asked questions about having a new website developed. They tried to find the perfect website developer to work with your online company since I was opening a cannabis dispensary, and they would set me up with a website solutions department that worked solely with cannabis dispensaries. When you talked about website design, it was the second step in web development. They had to help you create a website design that would be manageable, attractive enough to draw attention, and navigable. The website developer would ask me a plethora of questions about my cannabis dispensary and choose the proper set up for my company. The design would flow right along with the information that I gave the developer. Not knowing very much about web development, web design, or even web solutions, I knew I was going to have to give the company my trust.It was going to be difficult relinquishing control over my marijuana dispensary, even if it was just in the design of my website, but it was a necessity. Without an excellent website, and a good website developer, my design would mean nothing. Two weeks later, I was looking at the first galleys of my new cannabis dispensary website, and feeling as proud as a new parent.

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