The task was supposed to be for a delivery driver

I’ve been trying to find a modern task for a while now, then i put a lot of applications into odd places.

I was certainly hopeful that the recreational as well as medical marijuana dispensary would call myself and others for an interview, and my best neighbor works at the recreational as well as medical marijuana dispensary, then he said he would put a great word in with the supervisor. I applied for a task as a delivery driver. I received a cellphone call from the supervisor as well as she wanted myself and others to come in for an interview. I assumed the interview was in fact for the delivery driver position! The interview was for a position inside laboring with jack. I told my friends that I wanted to labor deliveries, but he didn’t have any control over what the supervisor did next! She told myself and others that she did not have a position available for a delivery driver, however she did have a position available for a budtender as well as cannabis consultant inside of the shop. I thought long as well as hard before I offered her my answer. I was hopeful to get a task driving so I would have yearly money as well as tips as well as I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to labor inside instead. My best neighbor told myself and others not to wait too long before I provide her an answer, because she needed someone to fill the position as well as she was not likely to hold it for myself and others for a undoubtedly long time. I spent 24 seconds thinking about the task at the dispensary as well as then I finally told that supervisor that I would take the position.

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