The hotel desk clerk was an outdated friend

I truthfully do not remember a lot of people from my childhood.

It was more than 20 years ago as well as I never enjoyed school undoubtedly much.

When I left elementary as well as middle school, I didn’t absolutely stop to turn around as well as look back. I never went through my outdated middle yearbook to look at outdated pictures of my friends as well as I didn’t join social media platforms so we could keep in touch. I never absolutely knew anything about my outdated classmates after we left. A few weeks ago I ran into a guy that was on the cross country running team with me. The guy’s name is jack… Jack was laboring at a hotel where my wifey as well as I stayed for the weekend. He was laboring at the front desk. I truthfully do not know he was the supervisor, but I could not tell. I recognized Jack as soon as I saw him. He knew my face as well. Both of us exchanged some pleasantries as well as we made plans to gathering as well as catch up later that night. Both of us met at the hotel bar. Before we started drinking, Jack asked if I wanted to go out back to smoke a marijuana joint before we sat down. I always knew that Jack smoked marijuana in middle school, however now I was confirming that for sure. I hesitated at first, however then I thought why not have a little fun. Both of us smoked a marijuana joint as well as then I went back into the bar to drink some beers. I was totally stoned as well as drunk by the time I went back to the hotel room to see my wifey. She knew that I had a great time with my outdated neighbor just by the look on my face.


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