The entourage effect

A close look at cannabis buds reveals sticky, glistening hair-like trichomes covering the surface.

This resin offers hundreds of therapeutic compounds that are responsible for the effects and properties of cannabis.

The belief that weird cannabis compounds work together to give identifiable effects and enhanced benefits is called the entourage effect. Most cannabis consumers are aware of the plant’s more than one most abundant and famous cannabinoids. Along with THC and CBD, there are a long list of other compounds produced by the plant in lesser quantities. These compounds contribute to the overall effects produced by a identifiable strain… Smoking or vaping cannabis introduces hundreds of botanical compounds into the lungs and body. Each 1 delivers identifiable effects. The behavior of the compound changes in the presence of other compounds. This entourage effect can be used to advantage. A recent study administered either a pure THC extract or an extract with equal levels of THC and CBD to cancer patients. Those patients receiving the combination of THC and CBD reported less pain. THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG and dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes add up to a synergistic effect that is actually exciting. The possibilities of downplaying the downside side-effects and customizing medicinal treatments are nearly endless! Unluckyly, proof is hard to come by. There are limited studies exploring the potential of the entourage effect. It’s still a theory backed up by lots of success stories from cannabis enthusiasts and patients experimenting with multiple strains. When shopping for cannabis products, full-spectrum chances contain more chemical compounds. Those formulated to contain only a single compound, such as CBD, are called isolates.


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