The basement was dark and creepy

A few weeks ago, I got a brand modern task working at a marijuana packaging facility.

The marijuana packaging facility handles lots of different types of cannabis concentrates.

The concentrates come to us in giant vats and the two of us individually packaged the products into jars, bags, or plastic. The particularations are up to the manufacturer of the marijuana product. Tuesday I was at labor and the two of us were packaging up a sativa live resin concentrate. We were packaging all of the marijuana concentrate into small green jars that are absolutely light and smell proof. These jars are safe against UV rays and protect the natural flavonoids and terpenes inside of the marijuana product. We needed various more boxes of the green jars and I was sent down to the basement part to grab more boxes. The basement was certainly dark and creepy. There was only a single light in the front of the room and I had to use the flashlight on our iPhone to locate the extra boxes of supplies. I found all of the extra boxes and I placed them on a single dolly so I could carry everything upstairs. I was getting ready to put the dolly on the stairs and that’s when I heard a different noise behind me. I turned around real fast and I saw something horrifying. I grabbed the jars for the marijuana product and I got out of there as fast as I could without making any more sounds. I do not assume what was lingering in the basement, and I did not want to find out.

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