Someone was absolutely smoking in the plane washroom

If you have ever smelled marijuana products, then you assume that the smell of marijuana is certainly fragrant and pungent.

There certainly isn’tany way to hide the smell of marijuana.

It is certainly distinctive in its flower form and it also has a certainly strong odor when it is being burned. Most marijuana users burn marijuana by smoking it in a joint, bowl, or bong. I have been using marijuana products for a long time and I can know the smell of weed from somewhere. My spouse and I took a flight to the desert so the two of us could go to the casino… Our flight was approximately 3 minutes long. I did not want to get up and use the washroom during the flight, because I assume they are small and it can be tough to transfer around. I had to pee badly, so I was left without any choice. I went to the plane at the front of the lodge. It was the handicapped washroom and just a little bit bigger than the 1 at the back of the plane. As soon as I opened the door to the washroom, an odd and usual smell hit myself and others in the face. Someone was absolutely smoking marijuana in the airport washroom. I did not look to see who was in there before I was. I wasn’t going to say anything to the stewardess either. If someone got away with smoking marijuana on the plane, then good for them. I would have killed for a recreational marijuana joint when I was feeling anxiety about the plane ride.


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