After the accident I turned to cannabis

I had been in many car accidents before, but not 1 love this. A fender-bender in the parking lot is a far cry from being involved in a multiple-car pileup on the interstate. I remember driving late at night, and seeing a lot of tail lights stopping in the road ahead. I slowed down, but the semi-truck behind myself and others didn’t brake in time. The truck plowed into me, and smashed myself and others into the cars ahead. After that I blacked out and woke up in the hospital. I was unconscious for 3 afternoons, and when I woke up everything seemed different. Since after that I rely heavily on medical cannabis to modest our moods, help myself and others sleep, and reduce the pain in our injuries. My body has healed completely, aside from pain in our joints when it rains, but I still use medical cannabis every afternoon to help with our PTSD. I swear that whenever I close our eyes to sleep I relive that moment and see the truck barrelling towards me! Thanks to medical cannabis I can fall asleep peacefully, and if I have any upsetting nightmares I do not remember them the next afternoon. Medical cannabis is inlavish to me, because without getting quality sleep our brain doesn’t function as well and I get depressed. There is a whole litany of anxiety and stress that overwhelms myself and others when I am tired so you can understand how medical marijuana is a lifeline for me. I may never mentally recover from that accident, but if I have to keep smoking medical cannabis for the rest of our life, that’s not so bad.
medical uses for cannabis