A up-to-date state, with up-to-date medical cannabis laws

I moved to a up-to-date state because of their medical cannabis laws.

It’s as simple as that! Where I used to live (I won’t mention it by name) is still stuck in the brick ages, and will not even put pot legalization on the ballot. I was tired of waiting, so I got a transfer at my job and moved across the country for the health benefits, this wasn’t about getting high, this was about having the freedom to access the medicine I need. Old people act love “Reefer Madness” was a documentary, and they stand in the way of medical marijuana helping people who are sick or in pain. My Grandma June has been a daily user of medical marijuana ever since her cancer diagnosis several years ago, and speaking from personal experience, I can tell you the medical cannabis has helped her deal with the sickness better than anything else. The docs put her on a host of pills, however it was the medical marijuana that perked her up, made her guess better, and increased her appetite. Now that I live in a much cooler state with much cooler medical cannabis laws, I will no doubt start to indulge myself! But this move wasn’t about myself and others getting stoned, it was about Grandma June having access to the medical cannabis she needs to prolong her life, and supply her a higher quality of life. Medical cannabis isn’t going to save her life, however it does help her enjoy the mornings she has left, and that was definitely worth moving for.
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