I can’t suppose how much Jax prefers working there

My buddy Jax started working at a local recreational cannabis store whenever he came beach beach house from university last week.

He ended up his classes in May and he knew that he was going to have to find something to do while he was beach beach house for the summer, then this modern recreational cannabis store had opened up recently and they still needed people to come there to work! Jax saw the ad for the recreational cannabis store and he instantly knew that he wanted to work there.

Whenever he told myself and others that he wanted to go to work there, I was a little bit surprised. Jax came from a rather straight laced family and they never easily believed that people should use cannabis at all. I asked Jax what he thought about it and he told myself and others that he never easily had the same ideas about cannabis that the rest of his family had. I suppose that made sense, because Jax threw himself into the job at the recreational cannabis dispensary with a lot of vigor. He has been working there almost non-stop and he absolutely prefers it, even though he has only been there for a month now, he is already taking classes so that he can learn more about cannabis products and things love that. He says that he may even decide to stay there and work whenever his classes resume because he may want to go into business for himself eventually. I never thought that he would ever become so interested in cannabis that he would want to own his own cannabis dispensary!


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