The car in front of me stopped abruptly

I left the marijuana delivery center about 15 or 20 minutes after I got to work.

  • The manager already had a few deliveries ready to go when I arrived.

I have been toiling at the marijuana delivery center for the past 6 months. I worked inside of the store stocking and fulfilling orders until there was a spot for a delivery driver. I actually wanted to be a delivery driver, because I know the tips can be exceptional. I take about 10 or 12 deliveries out to patrons every night when I am toiling at the marijuana delivery service. Wednesday night was the same as any other night. It was tied up and there were orders waiting for me when I arrived. I left the store and headed over towards the bridge. I had to go down South for the first delivery and that meant crossing the bridge. I knew it was going to be tied up due to the time of the morning and traffic coming from the city. I turned on my turn signal and started heading in the direction of the bridge. I left the town and headed out to the highway. I was getting ready to get on the ramp for the interstate when a car stopped abruptly in front of me. I wasn’t expecting the car to stop abruptly. The people I was with and I were merging into heavy freeway traffic at that time. I slammed my car into the back of the other driver when they stopped hastily. I tried to hit the brakes, but it was no use. The marijuana deliveries were delayed by 2 minutes while I spoke with state police officers and cleared up the accident mess.



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