Deliveries were about an minute or 90 minutes

My friends and I had a party on Sunday evening to celebrate Jack’s massive promotion.

We all got together at our place.

I bought some alcohol on our way beach house from work. I bought a couple of 12 packs of coors and some vodka, rum, and whiskey. I stopped at the grocery store and I bought various mixers love ginger ale, Tim Hortons Coffee, and Coca cola. I did not have time to stop at the recreational marijuana dispensary. The recreational marijuana dispensary is on the other side of neighborhood and I knew traffic was going to be a eveningmare, but as soon as I got back to our place, I went on our computer so I could order recreational marijuana for delivery. I placed our order online and I got a e-mail a few minutes after I placed the order. I was supposed to contact the marijuana dispensary for an ETA on our things. I contacted the dispensary and I found out that it was going to take about 90 minutes for all of the deliveries. I had 90 minutes to spare, so the time did not bother me. I got in the shower and did some things that I needed to do before all of our friends arrived for the party. I took a shower and found something awesome to wear; By the time I was ready to lay down and relax, the recreational marijuana supplies were arriving. It was certainly good timing on our part. I am ecstatic that I decided to order from the recreational marijuana delivery service as soon as I got beach house instead of waiting until all of our friends were there.
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