I used to grow medical cannabis in university

In university both of us grew hemp plants on the roof of our dorm, then my roommate at the time was a major in botany, and it was his idea to start growing a few pot plants in our room, but i disagreed with him, because that was against the rules of the university and if both of us got caught both of us could both be expelled.

  • I advised growing them on the roof, because they would get a lot more sunlight up there, and if they were found by campus security no one could prove they belonged to us… Every one of us hid the plants near the Heating and A/C equipment, and a few weeks later had top quality medical marijauan to smoke for free! By the time I graduated university I had gotten accustomed to smoking high grade medical cannabis every single afternoon.

It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t fall asleep at night without smoking some medical cannabis first! When I tried to grow it myself, the results were also terrible, so I was glad with medical marijuana legalization passed at the last election, then now I will have access to medical marijuana stores somewhere in the state, which means I will never have to run out of pot again! I have read the math and understand that medical cannabis isn’tphysically addictive to the human body, then personally I have become so used to having it in our idea that sleep is elusive without a lot of help from medical cannabis, but as soon as a medical marijuana store opens up around here, I will be all set.

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