I don't think there is anything wrong with using medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is an industry that makes a billion dollars every single year in revenue.

  • There are many reasons why states have decided to legalize medical and recreational marijuana and taxes from revenue is absolutely one of the biggest reasons why many of the states have said yes.

The laws are changing everywhere. Currently two-thirds of the country allows legal adult marijuana use for a number of physical and mental ailments. It’s not always easy to get a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana. A friend of mine went to the doctor and she saw him for six months before he told her that he would not be able to give her a prescription for medical marijuana. The next doctor did not believe that she needed medical marijuana. The third doctor charged an arm and a leg for her services, but at least my friend walked out of the office with a letter stating that she could be approved for medical marijuana. The rest was up to the state. When the state approved her card license, she was sent a card in the mail along with the rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana. My friend can now buy from any legal medical dispensary in the state. The state dispensaries have lots of great products like edibles, concentrates, and smokable flower. My friend has a prescription that allows her to try anything that she wants. She’s tried some of the topicals and bombs and even a pain relieving patch. A lot of cannabis products work differently, so she is trying all of the different types to see which ones work best.

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