The last time I used medical marijuana, I thought my face was melting

My boyfriend has a prescription for medical marijuana; He was in the military for 16 years.

He served in Afghanistan twice and he had other tours overseas that were dangerous as well, however when he left the military, life was never quite the same.

He had a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts and a lot of issues with ptsd. I spoke to my dentist and he advised that my boyfriend might do well if he went to a medical marijuana specialist, then the medical marijuana specialist met with my boyfriend and I. The dentist discussed the benefits and issues that come with using medical cannabis. He asked my boyfriend a lot of questions about his time in the military and his mental health. The cannabis dentist advised that my boyfriend need to talk to someone about the way he was feeling, although he also offered my boyfriend a prescription for medical cannabis. I sincerely suppose that cannabis makes my boyfriend suppose a lot more calm and relaxed and that is a huge plus for me. His anxiety and tension was a single reason why I absolutely wanted him to try medical marijuana. He made myself and others try medical marijuana too. I only smoked a small amount of the flower and I felt adore my face was melting. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience, so I’ve only done that once in the past. I am delighted that my boyfriend enjoys smoking cannabis and even more happy that it actually helps him to suppose much better mentally and physically, now I can find a way to get him to command to me.

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