They put my husband on as a caregiver. (They couldn't find his ID)

Since I am going blind, my doctor sent a letter into the DMV to have my license taken from me.

I didn’t like not having a driver’s license, but I panicked just thinking about driving.

I knew it was the right choice, but I didn’t like it. Whenever I had to go some place, I had to ask for a ride. My husband took me nearly everywhere, and when I got my medical marijuana ID card, he said he supposed I wanted him to take me. I smiled and told him he didn’t need to take me. If he were to get his caretaker’s ID, he could pick up the medical marijuana without be being along. Fifty dollars and two weeks later, he had his medical marijuana caretaker’s ID card. I had a horrific headache the first day he went to the marijuana dispensary without me. He called me shortly after getting into the dispensary and said they didn’t have his ID card on file. I had to give them all the information from my ID card. Once they put my ID into the computer, the budtender said she finally found his caretaker’s ID. They had my name in the medical marijuana computer system, but my registered caretaker was someone I had never heard of. Once they figured out the problem was how his information was input, my husband could pick up my medical marijuana order. He told me I had better be feeling terrible next time he came to the marijuana dispensary without me. I could hear the budtender laughing because my husband didn’t look like a Britney to him.

Medical Cannabis Certifications