It was a battle over bud

I finally got to visit a cannabis dispensary not so long ago, which may not sound to be a massive deal to you however to myself and others it was large! You see, our dad is a diehard cop, as well as not only that but is the sheriff for our small town.

When I was 16 he once caught myself and others smoking weed in the backyard, as well as he came down on everyone like he was a ton of bricks.

He took our weed, destroyed it, as well as demanded I inform him where I got it. I am no snitch, which he respected, so he made myself and others a fair deal. He would let the matter go, however if he ever caught myself and others with cannabis again in the future he would start arresting our friends to punish me. I had no option at that point but to walk away from marijuana for a few years… until recently, because now that there is a legal cannabis dispensary in the next town, I started going there to acquire our products. I am finally free to smoke cannabis as much as I want each day, because it came from a legal company as well as our family can’t punish them as he could have punished our teenage friends. He can still kick myself out of the house, even though I don’t think he will. In the year 2022 exactly what sort of parent would kick out their child for smoking legal cannabis? Maybe in the 50s that kind of thing really made sense, however cannabis has been normalized so much it doesn’t seem to be any worse than smoking tobacco; the family really tried to protect myself and others from cannabis, however all Dad really did was make myself and others much more curious about doing it.
Purple haze